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What we Buy

We Buy Properties that

Long-term empty homes that are unmortgageable or difficult to finance due to their condition, requiring extensive renovations before the property can be brought back into use.

Leasehold properties with short leases are types of property ownership in which the buyer obtains the right to occupy the property for a set period of time, typically 99 or 125 years. When this period falls below 82 years, it becomes costly and difficult to extend or renew leases.

Derelict property in disrepair that may need extensive renovation work before it can be occupied. Lenders may view derelict properties as a higher risk due to the potential cost of repairs.

Properties that are not habitable may be challenging to live in because they either lack the essential utilities needed for daily living or require extensive remodelling work.

An unregistered property in the United Kingdom that has not yet been registered with the Land Registry digitally. In some cases, the property may have previously been registered with the title or deed in a paper copy. If the paper copy is no longer available, it may be difficult to prove ownership or any legal interests in the property.

Properties where Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate has been obtained and they are required to be sold to settle debts and taxes, redistribute the estate if there are multiple beneficiaries , or avoid maintenance cost if the property is in disrepair.

Repossessed properties, when the previous owner has defaulted on their mortgage payments and the lender has taken possession of the property. The lender will then try to sell the property in order to recover the outstanding mortgage debt.

Negative equity is a situation where the value of a property is less than the amount of mortgage secured on it. This can occur due to a fall in property prices or if the borrower has borrowed more than the property is worth. 

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